Hey! I'm a CSE student and I recently developed a lot of interest in Kali Linux. I thought of exploring these OS starting with elementary OS and I pretty much felt in love with it. Then I gave kali linux a shot but after a lot of efforts and searching I seem to have quite a unique problem. I get stuck on "Started GNOME Display manager" everytime I try to boot on kali linux. I tried using it from LIVE-USB mode(without installation) and same problem occurred. I tried installing it, same problem. I tried installing ParrotOS and the same problem occurred. I called my problem unique since the usual googling didn't help and I realized that my specs could be a problem.
CPU- Ryzen 5 2600
Gpu- Nvidia 1660ti
144hz monitor
1tb HDD
and rest aren't going to make an impact anyway I guess. I want to mention that i think the problem is that My processor doesn't have an internal GPU! So maybe the kali has to boot with my GPU and for some reason it cannot adapt like elementary OS. Not sure tho. Please let me know what you think might fix this problem. I really want to explore this Amazing OS on my pc and not My crappy Laptop
PS the installation files are good cause my laptop booted from it just fine.