Hello guys i just bought new laptop Acer Aspire 3-A315-41 and i planned on installing kali linux on it.

When i insert the usb and select it to boot from i enter the GRUB menu and if i select Install
i get black screen and everything freezes, i was searching the internet for solutions and found
that i need to install the drivers for my GPU but i cant do that because on hard drive i have that
basic linux boot os and i cant install the drivers from it.
So i tried isntalling Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint linux everyone of them either had the same
problem or some other.
My processor is AMD ryzen 3 2200U
and GPU is AMD Radeon Vega Mobile Graphics.

Please help me i dont know what to do im so tired of trying to fix it.
I apreciate any helpfull information.