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Thread: Updating Bootable Live USB on Specific Partition

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    Updating Bootable Live USB on Specific Partition

    I'm looking to create a Live USB with an additional partition for persistence. That is quite simple and their is plenty of instructions on how to do that.

    My question is as follows:

    Is it possible to replace the partition where the Kali Linux is installed when a new release is available e.g. 2019.2 -> 2019.3 (Keep the Live USB part of the OS)

    While still mainlining your persistence partitions. Every time you use tool like Win32DiskImager or Rufus to copy a new Kali Release to a specific partition, it formats your other partitions.

    I know you can update Kali using the persistence partitions, but the Original partition will ALWAYS have whatever release you put there initially.

    EDIT: I found a good resource, but still not working, not sure if its possible?
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