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Thread: Kali 2019.3 Running Very Slow

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    Question Kali 2019.3 Running Very Slow

    Hi all,

    I recently corrupted my old Kali install which I hadn't used in awhile, and ended up making a new one, with the latest version. The live boot was a little slow, but I thought nothing of it. Further on, I created encrypted persistence using LUKS, and upon doing so, after drive decryption and Kali verbose boot, it hangs on GNOME start with just a cursor and the verbose boot behind it for about 2 minutes before finally opening. After this, even, GNOME is extremely slow and won't even open Firefox without hanging and crashing. This never happened on any other install of Kali I have ever had. If anyone has any tips or ideas please let me know.


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    I was having the same problem and a lot of others, then I came across this guide it works perfect and I haven't had any speed issues everything boots fast don't use Rufus though use the other one he suggests, and for some reason when you boot into Kali the first time you don't have persistence,just reboot again and you'll have it you don't have to do anything except reboot the second time. I'm new here so I don't know how they feel about links if they take it out Google Kali live usb devanswers open it and part way down from the top of the page there's a link for encrypted persistence. It's pretty simple. Hope this helps.

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