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Thread: HOW TO: Start Kali with a new unique hostname for each boot

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    HOW TO: Start Kali with a new unique hostname for each boot

    Given the popularity of this distro, seeing a computer named "kali" on a netowrk may raise a red flag. So, here is a way to avoid appearing as such:

    To get situated, open a terminal and cd to your root directory:
    cd ~
    STEP 1: Create a script which will automate the procedure

    In this terminal create a file.
    touch newhostname
    leafpad newhostname
    Now, add the following lines to your newly created file:
    cp -n /etc/hosts{,.old}
    newhn=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'A-Za-z' | head -c8)
    echo $newhn > /etc/hostname
    echo "    localhost" > /etc/hosts
    echo "    $newhn" >> /etc/hosts
    cat /etc/hosts.old >> /etc/hosts
    service stop
    sleep 1
    service start
    xhost +$newhn
    Save it and exit leafpad.

    STEP 3: Make it run at boot
    Store it:
    mv newhostname /usr/bin/newhostname
    Make it executable
    chmod +x /usr/bin/newhostname

    Make it run at startup:

    --Click on "Applications" --> "System Tools" --> "Preferences" --> "Startup Applications"
    --Click "Add"
    --Fill in:
    ----Name: New Host Name
    ----Command: /usr/bin/newhostname
    ----Comment: Start Kali with a different hostname each boot

    -Click Save
    -Clost Windows

    All done!
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    Clever girl!

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