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Thread: Airodump on Kali HYPER-V on windows 10 does not show anything

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    Airodump on Kali HYPER-V on windows 10 does not show anything

    I have installed Kali linux with the 64 iso on Hyper V on windows 10.

    I currently have a TP LINK - TL-WN722N plugged in USB3.

    I have configured the network in windows this way :

    I have also configured my virtual switch this way :

    (as it was recommended on some tutorial on the internet)...

    And here is the last screenshot of configuration of my virtual computer :

    OK now i can log in Kali and try to type
    But there is nothing as you can see :

    I found some youtube videos of people saying i should use compat26 wireless thing so i did and it worked somehow :

    Ok now i have something , 2 things actually, i only have 1 network adapter configured so i wonder why there is two interfaces.

    I try the airmon and airodump and here is what i got :

    Litterally nothing , no packets

    ( img coming )

    Can someone has any idea what i did wrong ?
    Is the hyper v ? should i make a dual boot ? would it be easier to configure ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Does lsusb show anything? If not, then you have to attach it to the VM, and make sure it's USB 2.0
    If yes, then check dmesg for any error and look them up

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    To the OP:
    Since Windows 10 is detecting the device and trying to set it up as a Network Adapter, you do not have it configured correctly. Full access to the USB "card" needs to be available to the VM. You need to configure VMConnect for the USB Wifi device. See this for more details:

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