I use Raspberry Pi 3
MicroSD 32 Go Verbatim

I have installed this img : https://images.offensive-security.co...9.3-rpi.img.xz

I run kali -> ok
I use apt-get update -> ok
apt-get upgrade -> failed

last line after many error
Unpacking libssl1.1:armel (1.1.1d-2) over (1.1.1c-1)
dpkg-deb (subprocess) cannot copy archive member from /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-H98C0C/0-libssl1.1.1.1d-2_armel.deb to decompressor pipe : failed to read (input/output error)

After I can't use any command
I must be shut down but no restart

I've test with another MicroSD, I've the same problem