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Thread: What can one do on rpi?

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    What can one do on rpi?

    Hello Kali people,

    My 1st post here, I hope I find you all well.
    My English is not native,
    so I might do a hand gesture here and there,
    so you can understand what i want to say.
    I am raspberry pi fanboy for years,
    and recently I stumbled upon Kali.

    But as I read, am I correct to understan that
    some applications just won't work on RPi?
    (like app needs openCL and cuda, so arm thingy)
    Fair enough, but what that leaves for RPi?

    Now I am noob in Kali, but I aicrack-nged my router and other rpi's,
    only because I had custom wordlist to put into it.
    I tried some scripts, lazy one, airgeddon, wifite,
    which need at least window manager to run (?!?!?)
    and some are really slow... on rpi with wm.

    And if I understand correctly, wordlists, rainbowtables and such files are huge,
    for rpi's let's generously say 64g sd card.

    I guess what I am trying to ask is, preferably for cli apps and scripts, that rpi could manage,
    and which 'branches' od testing is rpi suitable for?

    Thank you

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    It will work with pretty much any app.

    The CUDA or opencl limitation is due to the fact there aren't any ARM openCL, and that it doesn't have a nvidia card. Only Intel CPUs have an OpenCL as far as I know.

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    Hello Mister_X,

    So far I ventured very little into "security"
    please let me describe what I have tried, I have mighty 4g rpi 4,
    with 32g sd card, and I used crunch that generated 1.5g wordlist,
    that I used in aircrack-ing against my other router...
    ... ETA is 1 day + ...
    Am I to understand that I have to attack my router for over a day
    to get to the end of wordlist (assuming the right password is last one)?
    Would not the ruter's owner of my real word attack notice the interruption?
    (or is 1.5g wordlist not standard practice? as noob I might missed that)

    And this is all done in tty, as per precious rpi's resources.

    So, when you say that it will work with any application,
    does that mean yes, apps work, but rpi is not useful for those purposes,
    or are you telling me rpi works usefully (like in I am noob and I should learn more and I should come back with real question)?

    Please, I do not want to waste anyone's time, so honest hit is most welcome.

    Thank you Mister_X

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    That's what ETA stands for.

    RPi isn't ideal for any CPU intensive tasks, and WPA cracking is.

    The CPU is powerful to a certain degree. Doing CPU intensive tasks on it is like trying to do heavy video editing on a tablet, it's just isn't meant to do that efficiently.

    So, when you use apps, it all depends on their requirements.

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    Hello Mister_X,

    Ok, in what scenario would kali be usefull on rpi?

    Thank you.

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    A lot of them. I can't possibly list them all.

    As I said, anything that is CPU or RAM intensive, don't do it on a RPi. Or anything requiring GPU for cracking.

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