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Thread: install kali linux on vmware - error INTEL VT-x

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    install kali linux on vmware - error INTEL VT-x

    Hi all,
    I've done some research (google) on installing kali linux on vmware. I keep getting this error, "Error while powering on: This host supports INTEL VT-x, but INTEL VT-x is disabled. INTEL VT-x might be disabled in BIOS/Firmware or if the host has not been power cycled since changing this setting."

    OS: WIN10
    kali ver: kali linux 64bit iso

    vmware: 15.09

    I've gone into the bios settings and can't seem to find the INTEL VT-x settings...wonder if kali linux might be messed up? Attached screen shot of error.

    Thx for any help
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