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Thread: Need help choosing the right Wi-Fi adapter

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    Need help choosing the right Wi-Fi adapter

    I am on desktop Mac OS Version 10.14.6.

    Kali Linux 2019.3-amd64 through a virtual Box (Oracle VM)

    Also my Kali is Linux 2.6/ 3.x / 4.x (64-bit) if that helps.

    I was wondering if anyone has the same set up as me, and can recommend a decent Wi-Fi extender, preferable 2.4 / 5 ghz

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    I would not recommend Virtualbox when using a USB card, its passthrough driver has issues, VMware is better.

    Check the Aircrack-ng FAQ for wireless card.

    By the way, an extender is a standalone device, like an AP, are you sure that's what you're looking for? If it's the case, then kali isn't important, and there might be a better forum, such as a networking one, where you can provide more details.

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