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Thread: Kali (fresh installation) crash after boot when try runing display manager - Video

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    Kali (fresh installation) crash after boot when try runing display manager - Video

    I have another issue with Kali.
    I Install new fresh copy on my new laptop MSI GF72 , and problem is when system boot and try run display manager, them every services stopped, all devices dismounted and system power off. Please check video.
    Everything working very good and fast from kali live, but after installation system not working. Wjat i can do only, i can run kali in recovery mode and them i login to root. I do full update, upgrade and nothing. Hmmm, i think MSI laptop is not very good for Kali. I used before Dell and nevew had problem like this
    I can provide any log if requied ?
    From some reason i cant provide hire direct link to YT, so this is a short link.

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    Problem solved. Looks like nvidia drivers bug ?? I install Kali 2019.2 everything working fine. Them i just upgrade to latest veion and update all apps except nvidia.

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