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Thread: Dead GUI [GNOME] [Kali 5.2] [HDD]

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    Unhappy Dead GUI [GNOME] [Kali 5.2] [HDD]

    The problem

    When i log in AS ROOT ( I' ll come to that later ) i get this which is basically my whole desktop without a single image.
    Wallpaper, widget icons, program icons... everything is gone

    Even top right dropdown (pic) is broken, but buttons are still working, so i can shutdown in the right way.

    I can still get to the menu, but it's completely useless, since every time i try to start a process it gets killed.
    Can't open terminal, but Firefox it's somehow working for few seconds, but when it closes Kali gets me back to login shown here

    When trying to use anything in "Places" dropdown i get nothing but a notify with this on it
    "Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying"

    Last time Kali worked

    Last time i was using Kali i was running a python2 script (this one) which actually bugged my GUI a for a while.
    It threw some errors, so i changed some parameters and ran again. After this run the GUI never recovered: it was so messed up that i forced shutdown through power button.
    Don't know if it matters but the scripts were launched right after after a huge " apt-get upgrade ".

    What I've tried

    So i tried to solve the problem myself going into recovery mode (which works well) doing as shown in this post,
    since i noticed that every time i boot the fist thing i see is
    resuming from hibernation
    Now even if the system is not recovered anymore from hibernation, the issue is still there.

    I also tried to create a new user from recovery mode, but once rebooted and logged in, it just sends me back to login screen without even seeing the desktop.

    I think the problem could be solved by reinstalling gnome (i can't do it because seems that there's no apt-get in recovery mode).

    I tried to be as detailed as possible, forgive me if i missed something

    systemctl logs here
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