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Thread: Problem with the boot of Kali Linux in UEFI

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    Problem with the boot of Kali Linux in UEFI

    Hi, I have been having an error installing a Linux distribution (Kali), the problem is booting.

    Explanation: When I installed Kali Linux, I received a message that said: `` The boot grub was created successfully '', then it was restarted and when it was turned on, windows 10 started automatically. I tried to install only Kali Linux, but it sends me a message when I turn on EFI Shell 2.70, and to enter kali linux I have to do it manually, I was reading and I realized that you can create a grub with bcdedit to load the Kali grub instead Windows, but I don't know how to do it
    Windows 10 Pro Education
    Type of hard disk volume: GPT
    Type: UEFI
    Clarification: I have already installed Kali Linux on another PC and I did it correctly, the only one that does not start the grub automatically is this
    Postdata When I installed the kali linux alone, I appeared EFI SHELL 2.70, from there I could enter kali, but it is not what I want, I need to start the grub correctly
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    Set boot priority in UEFI.

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