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Thread: How have i done this and i do i fix it.

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    How have i done this and i do i fix it.

    Screenshot from 2019-11-15 14-48-36.jpg

    I have some who got a bash command to try and run everytime i open terminal, how did i do it and how do i fix it?


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    Honestly I would love to know how you did it too so I can avoid it. I don't bother banging my head off the wall anymore with stuff like that if I can't fix it in an hour I just move my files to another copy of Kali because of things like that I keep everything backed up and a few copy's of Kali on hand just plug another USB in and forget about it. Trust me it makes life easier I banged my head against the wall for a week trying to figure out what was up with the Wifi it would be there one minute gone the next no rhyme no reason have no clue what caused it and I no longer care.Something stupid screws up like I said plug in a new copy and move on. If it's a tool, hardware, OS issue something like that yeah figure it out. Wifi chances are the universe just decided to mess with you and your not going to find the answer easy so reinstall. Best decision I ever made you can buy USB's in bulk on Amazon.

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