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Thread: No sound running Kali Live from USB boot - kali-linux-light-2019.3-amd64.iso

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    No sound running Kali Live from USB boot - kali-linux-light-2019.3-amd64.iso

    I boot Kali Live from a USB and everything seems to work except there is no sound. I find several "no sound" issues posted here several times here over the last few years. Resolution seems to be (generally) install/fix Pulsesound then reboot. However, I believe running Kali live shuts me out of a reboot style of fix. If so, then it sounds like I night need to turn on persistence so I could carry a fix across a reboot.

    Key facts.
    1. USB built from kali-linux-light-2019.3-amd64.iso, unmodified.
    2. No persistence
    3. USB boots fine and sound is the only basic function that seems not to work.
    4. I cannot find any reference to sound in the boot log. (*** Although I will research this more.)

    Is there a Kali Live user with any experience with this problem?

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    Had the same problem once.
    First make sure you have it on. Click on the speaker symbol drag the thing to the right if its not.
    I mention that because on a new install at least on mine it's always off.
    Now the bad part. It's not worth the time trying to figure it out I'll save you the three hours I lost and can never get back. Just do a clean install.
    One of the first things i learned with kali sometimes your going to have to make a decision do I sacrifice hours or just clean jnstall? For as great as Kali is theres some bugs or a script not mentioning names wifi-pumpkin breaks something.
    Can you fix it ? Well yeah given enough time, but I want to have fun using not spending my life fixing Kali let the developers do that.
    Well you wont learn then.
    Oh yeah I learned. I learned I spent three hours trying to figure out why some unnamed tool shut off my wifi and why I couldn't get it back on.
    Three hours and I didnt see the answer clean install.
    Amazon sells USBs in bulk I have tons of copies no sound ok. Switch to one that has it.
    When your done for the day format it set kali to reinstall go to bed when you get up throw it in the candy dish with the others.
    Honestly saves months out of your life.
    You want to spend time fixing every little problem or do you want to spend time learning the good stuff? Clean install.

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