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Thread: pulling my hair out and dont know where to turn! Nexus7 2012 and Galaxy4

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    pulling my hair out and dont know where to turn! Nexus7 2012 and Galaxy4

    Hi folks, i know im late to the game here but im really stuck.
    My first attempt at installing NH on a samsung galaxy4, seemed to work eventually then when i try to update it fails due to lack of space. is there any way to get NH to install or use the SD 32 gb card?

    as i failed at that i purchased a nexus7 from ebay. ( first mistake i think)
    ive been at this 4 days solid....
    looks to me as if i ended up with the wrong device. Is this thing at all capable of having NH installed? latest attempts include installing Cyanomod 14.1... managed to sideload SuperSU eventually. But still cant find a NH image.
    Even went through github and tried to build an image but ended up with a hash error on the nethunter.apk file.

    Id really appreciate any help.
    Many thanks!!

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    I had a Nexus 7 2012 also and could not get the Nexus 7 image on here to work reliably either. My understanding is that only the newer Nexus 7 models will be supported going further. They did have an older Nethunter version that supported Grouper but I can't find older versions myself anywhere either and it would be a dead path AFA support etc. :-(
    Was hoping my Gemini would fare better but so far no...sorry for your frustrations too

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    Hi martialhax
    I think your correct. It looks like a well beaten track thats led to a dead end.
    Im now onto a oneplus 3 and thats hard enough, bricked it twice now ive found the unified tool kit for it, hope that helps. Weeks of pain!!!
    Have you managed to get a good working version of nethunter? is so what platform?

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