I started on Kali A while back I never needed a proxy until now, so I read that you should use a proxy or Tor or both not a VPN which I can't get to work either. I can't get anything to work and I have reinstalled Kali several times because all the stuff I'm finding to do and I'm trying sometimes it screws things so bad it is just easier to reinstall. I'm using several laptops from different USB's. Whatever's handy at the time. Multiple USB's because it's easier to have multiple copies to destroy trying to do this and then just reinstall 3 or 4 all at once. I even downloaded Kali several different times to make sure the download wasn't corrupt. I'm not blaming Kali or anything I know it has got to be me, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I am following the directions but apparently not correctly, or I'm using bad tools and instructions. I do have Kali as my third drive on my desktop but haven't tried using it on there because I have to remove the drive and install it like a USB I can't get the installer to work but that's another question. Here's what happens with what I try. I used Alfa,Panda, and the on boards of my computers.
Tor Kills connection
Tor Ghost Kills connection
Anonosurf Have to reinstall Kali every time I try it.
Proxychains Kills connection or just doesn't work.
Open VPN Kills connection or doesn't work.
Kali-anonymous this is wht I get.
[!] Please add the following to your '/etc/tor/torrc' and restart service: VirtualAddrNetwork
TransPort 9040
DNSPort 53
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
I do what it says but I don't know where it wants it put,there are currently 4 copies in that file. First I tried pasting it in different places one at a time then out of frustration I just put it in there everywhere. My logic was if it breaks something at least I know I'm in the right place. I still get that reply no matter what. I looked for those things specifically to change the values they aren't there. I have become adept at gaining wifi access and now I want to move on to more complex and fun things ,but I can't get this to work. I was reading the other day that most people waste a lot of time learning wifi password cracking, that's me. I'm completely tired of it, I can only get Hashcat to work marginally on four computers Hashcat and Kali don't seem to like AMD GPU's I'm not shelling out Nvidia prices for a GPU just to crack hashes. If anyone has any social engineering advice or about how to find devices on a network that would be welcomed to. Armitage doesn't find exploits or the device os's, nmap finds the devices but not the types or os unless it's Linux and everything else is a unknown computer or printer. I know that's not right because on my network there are three phones four computers a PS 3 a PS 4 and two tv's. On my cell phone Fing finds just about everything except Windows 10 machines but I don't want to sign my phone in on comprised wifi networks. I have quite a few of them but i don't want to go blindly banging around them. If any one has any help with my posted problem or any hints as to where I could get good directions it would be appreciated, thank you very much for your interest and time.