Wow and thanks.
For a while now when I would update and dist-upgrade the favorites icons would change to how they are with this update then go back to normal. I kept wishing they would stay that way. Now I have them. Thank you. On one of my Kali machines the inside of the folder where all the files and directories is black, and I love it. For some reason the other one is a cream color, I don't like it as much but it's still better than before, way better. I'm not really concerned about the appearance most times it could be empty space for all I care but you guys made me notice the desktop again and what the terminal actually looks like. You guys never cease to impress. Great work go ahead and break your arms patting yourselves on the back. To bad some of the tool makers don't take as much pride in their work as you guys do. Have a great day, you've made mine. Thanks again and wonderful job just in case you missed it in the post.