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Thread: running Kali linux through vm player

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    Question running Kali linux through vm player

    Hi all, im very new to linux and computing in general. i am trying to take a course on linux but i cannot seem to run Kali linux on vm player.

    i have downloaded workstation player 15.5 for windows operating system, the linux version i was told to download by the course is
    Kali Linux VMware 64-Bit.
    Now when I go to open my download through vm player an error message comes up which says Error while opening the virtual machine: VMX file is corrupt. Im not sure what i am doing wrong. The laptop i am running this on is the new Windows surface laptop 3. Any advice would be great and very helpful so I can start learning.

  2. Check the MD5sum of the image against what the download page shows. Are they the same? Did you unzip the file you downloaded?

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