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Thread: Can't figure out how to connect to the internet in 2019.4

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    Can't figure out how to connect to the internet in 2019.4

    Whenever I clock on the wifi button, it says Ethernet network and then below disconnected, and underneath that it shows VPN connections which I don't know how to setup either. I have tried right clicking and editing a network there but that doesn't work either, help would be appreciated.

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    Clicked the wrong place to edit the post misspellings. Just look at the other one.

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    Can you post a screen shot ? Try this before you do, Top right click the settings drop down go to setting-Network look and see what the settings are. I don't have ether hooked up so mine says,
    Cable unplugged and the selector is to the left.
    Not Set up If yours says anything different disable it.
    Network Proxy
    Off Make sure you have it off.
    As for how to install the VPN I got a sort of answer from Surfshark and it installed but shuts off for no reason so it's just better for me not to try and help you with that one.
    Any other way I tried disconnects me from the internet. If that doesn't work post the screen shots. I had a lot of wifi problems a while back so I got kind of good with it. Which reminds me if you installed WifiPumpkin and tried to use it, it will wreck your wifi. I tried it a few times on different computers always something killing the wifi and it is never the same cause. Just go through your settings though the answer should be there from what I'm gathering something was activated or changed. Good luck.

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