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Thread: Gemini PDA Nethunter 2019.4 Install

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    Unhappy Gemini PDA Nethunter 2019.4 Install

    I'm sorry I realized my post from Kali Linux ARM forum belongs here now...

    OK so I'm about ready to chuck this thing after two days of frustration...again....:-(

    What I can get to work - Planet partitioned with Android 7.1.1 rooted via Magisk and with TWRP that comes with it and can get the only old version of Nethunter I can find 2019.1 (beta) ....pretty much following the step here - and the link to the image (thank you @Re4son for that!).
    All works but then trying to Flash the 2019.4 Nethunter image from here over the existing working 2019.1 via TWRP causes the device to just hang on the Pengiun/Planets boot screen not moving with the blue light on. I can't find a way working in the 2019.1 to upgrade to 2019.4 either :-(

    So I'm thinking the device must be on the Planet Oreo 8.1 image first? That's why it says "Gemini PDA Oreo" on the 2019.4 download page?

    My other conundrum is that I can get the Planet Android 8.1 (rooted) installed as well but as some may know the TWRP that comes with it does not mount Storage (/data/media) and is FUBAR.
    I tried many ways of downgrading and replacing that TWRP with nothing succeeding...

    Sorry for long winded. My main questions:
    1. Has anyone successfully gotten Nethunter 2019.4 on a Gemini PDA (Wifi-only) and please how?
    2. Is there a way to keep it on the proven Android 7.1.1 and get a newer version than the 2019.1 that may allow a path to 2019.4? I scoured the net and can't find any older versions anywhere that may work (2019.2-2019.3)

    Help greatly appreciated and if I could buy you a beer I would :-)

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    Pending no responses ...I?m going to probably do #2 and put Planet?s Android 7.1.1 rooted with the TWRP that comes with the flash and try and put NH 2019.2 over it. I managed to find a copy of that at least.

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