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Thread: Kali in virtualbox freezes at boot animation

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    Kali in virtualbox freezes at boot animation

    I'm trying to run Kali in virtualbox but i'm having problems. I have imported the ova from the kali website and when I boot it, it gets stuck on the boot animation. When it gets stuck, it shows that there is no disk activity. How can I fix this?

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    The install is probably no good use this and use Universal USB Installer and don't use Rufus to install and get rid of virtualbox it's a needless headache. This guy he has links to everything you'll need. The only part of his directions that doesn't work is he says reboot your done. Your not install reboot like he says reboot again then you have persistence. Don't install anything or do anything until you have rebooted twice, it will all go away.

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