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Thread: kali 19.4 (undercover)

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    kali 19.4 (undercover)

    Just wanted to say thanks to the community for the latest release... its a slick distro ... i noticed that there is a new feature "kali undercover"

    I have a mild suggestion to be taken with a grain of salt here ....

    maybe in the next update or upgrade, when you're in "Kali undercover" and chose to lock the workstation, the background is that of windows instead of the Kali one which also denotes "KALI" top left corner and such ... just for those of us who need to lock up and hit the john ... maybe our laptop is locked to a table in public setting ... i dont know.. maybe its not a valid point .. just something i noticed .. if we're going to have an "undercover" mode .. lets full embrace what that means i guess lol...

    again many thanks! this is not to be taken as a harsh criticism, just an observation from a mbr in the community (new) .

    happy friday!

    go bang out some black friday deals!! im running persistence right now and loving it.


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    wish i could get it here in the uk. i have done repositories and i have tried to upgrade but still stuck with kali 5.3 not sure when they plan to do it here in the uk. do different countries get updated at different times.

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