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Thread: How to downgrade Kali Linux to its previous release?

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    How to downgrade Kali Linux to its previous release?

    Hello all, I have currently fully upgraded Kali Linux to its latest release (2019.4) but I want the previous one for these reasons:

    1. The GUI added is slowing the OS to boot (in the previous release it was faster)

    2. I didn't get all packages after: "apt-get update", "apt-get upgrade, "apt-get dist-upgrade" and "apt-get full-upgrade". Even if I done all these commands, still I don't the latest packages that other people who use 2019.4 release got.

    3. Kali Undercover is not working, I wanted to try it and I installed it wit "apt-get install kali-undercover" command. I installed even its requirements such as: "lightdm" and "xfce4" and when I ran it it shows and error, like this: "xfce4-notifyid: no process found"

    4. Since I didn't get the expected behaviour of Kali Linux the 2019.4 release I want to downgrade it.

    Information about OS:
    ('uname: ', ('Linux', 'thecowmilk', '5.3.0-kali2-amd64', '#1 SMP Debian 5.3.9-3kali1 (2019-11-20)', 'x86_64', ''))
    ('release: ', '5.3.0-kali2-amd64')
    ('version: ', '#1 SMP Debian 5.3.9-3kali1 (2019-11-20)')
    ('machine: ', 'x86_64')

    lsb_release -a command:
    Distributor ID: Kali
    Description: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
    Release: 2019.4
    Codename: kali-rolling

    cat /etc/lsb-release:
    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Kali GNU/Linux Rolling"

    I'd Highly Appreciate Every Answer....Thanks In Advance.

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    That's a lot to read. I do it too. The last part I read was all the apt-gets. You stopped short and you dont meet get apt will do. Apt install kali-linux-everything or kali-linux-all look up metapackages theres a few of them most of the tools arent preinstalled anymore you have to download and install the meta package. As far as down grading it called reinstall an older copy I have seen a post or so about that and that's what most say to do. Good luck. Have fun.

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