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Thread: sms spoofing

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    sms spoofing

    hi in kali 2019.3 and 2019.4 there is no "sms spoofing attack vector" in SET like there was in backtrack.
    so my questions are,is there a way to spoof sms in kali 2019.4 ?
    and,which website provide a working sms spoofing service ? i tried smsgang but i never receive my messages(I have a french number,maybe I am doing a mistake but in the victim's phone i put +33699999999 for example)

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    As far as I know it was removed from set back when kali was still Backtrack as far as I found out you have to pay a site to do it now. I haven't really looked into it. There are apps on the Google play store too but those usually never do what they say except Fing.

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    yeah i prefer to avoid the playstore for this.
    I don't mind using the website to use their service,but which one is working fine in france ? everytime i tried with smsgang(the only one because i don't want to give my number to too many websites) i never receive the message.

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