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Thread: How To Free up space and speed up Kali Linux? ANSWERED!

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    Lightbulb How To Free up space and speed up Kali Linux? ANSWERED!

    How To Free up space and speed up Kali Linux?

    Follow the steps in order.

    git clone
    cd Cleenux
    chmod +x

    This work only on Kali and Debian based distros.

    When you remove Old Kernals using this tool, Be careful.
    Stay out of that last step if you don't know what are you doing.

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    If you skip the last step it isnt going to do anything is it?
    Cant you just delete the files you dont want and apt autoremove && apt clean ?
    Is this like in Windows where cookies and stuffs clogging things up and it clears prefetch and temp and junk?
    What exactly is it cleaning and speeding up?
    I never had a Kali speed problem to solve even with a USB as long as it was a 3.0 but I have had freezing problems will it help with that?
    How exactly do you know this is solved?
    I was having a problem with nmap there where problem solved announcements everywhere 9 out of 10 didnt work. How do you know your solved is a solved solved and not a not solved solved?
    Was there a vote as to solved or did you decide like Michael Jackson did with the king of pop thing?
    Is it solved permanently or just for now ? I think solved should denote never worry about this again.
    Hope to hear back I'm just curious. Like I said theres a lot of solving that isnt solved and theres a lot of solving problems that didnt need solving. Honestly I could post, Kali Linux power problem solved! Push the power button. See its solved but wasn't a problem but even better you'll never have the problem again.
    Cant see the screen Kali Linux Problem Solved. Look at the screen. Once again not really a problem but solved permanently.

  3. It's just a handful of commands that people should be doing as needed.

    apt --fix-broken install
    apt autoclean
    apt autoremove

    apt autoremove -y will clean old kernels as needed. I personally never use autoclean, just autoremove.

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    Sounds about right to me, and I learned something I never knew there was an autoclean just autoremove. Thank you

  5. Instead of running a script found on github for maintenance, just set up some aliases to take care of those tasks.

    alias update="apt update && apt dist-upgrade -y"
    alias purge="apt autoremove -y && apt autoclean -y"
    alias nano="nano -c"

    nano -c because I almost always use nano and prefer the -c flag on by default.


    The --fix-broken flag is shown in stdout when it is an issue, so it's not something you'd normally have to deal with, unlike updates and cleaning.
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