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Thread: My PC shutdown when I start Kali

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    My PC shutdown when I start Kali

    Hey, I juste downloaded Kali yesterday to dual boot with my Windows 10.

    So I made a partition of 200GB on my second disk (W10 is installed on a SSD).

    All the installation is going good, I partitionate in 3 : home, ext and swap.

    No error during installation, and it's installing GRUB at the end.

    When the installation finished, my computer restart, i presse the key for the boot menu, Kali is running with the logo, and my pc stop.

    I try this installation 4 tomes, but never works...

    I juste have another question, at the begininng of the installation it says

    Somme microcode files are missing :

    Is this a graphical card problem ?

    Thanks for your future help,


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    Hey, searching on internet I think I have 2 problems, one with the videocard due to a fresh install and an other with the missing firmware.

    I try to restart network-manager.service and I've go these errors :

    Any hints ?

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