Hi all! I was using Linux mint as my primary OS for quite a while and I tried dual booting Kali Linux at that time and the same thing happened, after completing the installation process when I boot into Kali Linux the system just TURNS OFF after the kali animation.
Then later I changed to Windows 10 Pro and by mistake installed it in Uefi mode and because of this I can't boot to kali Linux again and I though it happened because I couldn't turn the Bootable flag to On. Same Turn off situation happened then aswell.

Then later I did a lot of research, i reinstalled fresh windows and change the disk from GPT to MBR, Also I turned on CSM support and disabled secure boot.
Installed kali Linux on partition (shown in video), turned on the bootable flag. And again after everything the system just turned off after animation.

The only way I can boot kali on my system is by Live mode, as soon as I select persistence mode again the same thing happens.

I have done all the research I could but couldn't get over this problem. I have installed kali Linux more than 30 times during this process just hoping I could fix something. And I am in need of desperate help.

Video link : *REMOVED*