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Thread: Install onto hardware from usb

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    Install onto hardware from usb

    When I run Kali live it works but when I try to install as OS on harddrive it says missing firmare files and asks do i want to add them from a removal device. The pc is an Acer Aspire E15 currently running ubuntu. I downloaded kali 19.4 iso and burned on usb using rufus. I need help getting these firmware files to complete installation I think. When I continue install and choose to add firmware files later it goes all the way to configure network and just stays there. Nothing happens. Any tips?

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    Install etcher and reburn the usb via etcher.

    It is the most simple tool for the task and works perfectly.

    Else use dd

    dd if=kali-linux-2019.4-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=512k

    (X being whatever the drive letter actually is)

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