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Thread: Unable to Access Kali Network Settings

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    Unable to Access Kali Network Settings

    Hi all,

    I have decent amount of experience with Kali from various classes I have taken. I am used to the traditional layout/gui that looks like this:
    Traditional Layout.jpg

    The version I have to use for my new project however has this layout:
    New Layout.jpg

    I'm aware that this may be a remedial question- but does anyone know of a way to access the 'Network Settings' tab that exists in the traditional view? It should exist in the top right of the toolbar and I should be able to click on it and see settings such as 'disable wired connection' and 'manual address settings'.


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    It's not really a traditional view. Kali has switched to XFCE rather than Gnome, which is lighter on resources. The network icon is located to the right of the clock in the bar on top.

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    Not sure if you figured it out yet but there is something wrong with your network, It's that round thing that's spinning in between your time and your speaker icon on the top right

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