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Thread: Problems Installing Dual boot kali on windows 10

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    I have been having problems installing kali on my acer Windows 10.

    I have used rufus to install kali.iso on 32GB USB and exfat or fat32 formatted. (can't remember which one)

    I have partitioned 70GB of my primary Hard drive for kali ( unallocated and NTFS format)

    Once restarted and I go into boot menu, installation starts well untill I get to disk detection and partitioning disk space, (2 photos will be uploaded).

    When in the partition setup, it only gives me the option for ISCSI volume. Not manually chose where to save kali installation (my 70GB already partitioned)

    I then go back to the previous setup page, disk detection. It says "no disk was detected" .... Is this because my primary disk space is in NTFS format?

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated 😊

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    I have enabled AHCI in Bios and registry settings, but still not had any luck. Anyone any ideas please ��

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