Before I start, gotta say that I have never been familiar with Linux or hash sum.

Now. I downloaded Kali Linux 64-Bit which has
bad0d602a531b872575e23cc025b45fee475523b51378a0359 28b733ca395ac5.
But "MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility 2.1" says this: https://prnt.sc/qdjy47 and properties of the ISO-image says this: https://prnt.sc/qdjz9l
I mean, they are all different for some reason. Though, here at https://emn178.github.io/ hash sum of the file matches with the one from Utility https://prnt.sc/qdk0tt
I brought hash sum to ask if there is something wrong with the ISO image because I can't burn it neither on USB nor DVD-RW.
I used three USB drives and all of them crashed (a window poped up asking me to format the drive) after burning with Rufus (I did choose DD-image) or Etcher. I did succeed, though, with UNetBooting, but after I chose "Live system" or "Live (amd64)" (I don't remember) from the menu, I got a "error: invalid magic number and error: you need to load the kernel first"
I think burning image (I used UltraISO) on DVD-RW didn't work, too. Because after I tried to load from it - it didn't - I went to a "My computer" where all drives are seen, and saw that the new DVD-RW is still empty.
What could be wrong?

Best regards, Emran