Hi everyone,

So I am very new to this, so feel free to point out my dumb errors as necessary. I am attempting to boot kali live via usb, but when I was using the default fat32 format, while it was booting just fine to both laptops I tried it on (both windows), I couldn?t run the upgrade command on one of the computers due to ?not enough disk space,? - which apparently indicates the 4 gb limitation on fat32 devices. On the other computer this worked for, the keyboard wouldn?t work once booted into Kali, maybe because I couldn?t upgrade it?? Idk
All of the above was via the universal usb installer btw

So then I found out that Rufus could be used to format my usb to ntfs and still boot in a windows machine, thus enabling me to upgrade and use kali fully. When I did this however, I am sent immediately to the grub2.0 interface, where I am quite lost. I understand that I need to ls through the different locations to find where Linux is located, but doesn?t seem to be in any of them. And I need to load the kernel, though how to do that is beyond me.

With all that said, 1) is there a way to use the fat32 format and still be able to upgrade and use kali? Any hints as to my keyboard problem? And 2) am I on the right track with Rufus and ntfs and the grub boot, or have I gone wrong?

Thanks all, any help is much appreciated! Trying hard to get into this stuff but need a lot of aid from more experienced people first.