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Thread: Error when installing Grub

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    Exclamation Error when installing Grub

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to install Kali on my Asus Zenbook Pro. I want a dual-boot with Windows. So I did the same way I did with my old laptop (bootable USB stick, reducing Windows partition with live system and Gparted, install from the USB stick). The installation was successful but the OS was very unstable, and froze every time I opened an other application than terminal... I don't know what the problem was, but I decided to reinstall the system, to be sure it isn't due to a bug that occurred during the installation. But now, I cannot even install Kali, because during the installation process, an error occurs during Grub installation (something linked to Dummy).

    I have saved 4 log files I can provide here :
    • Xorg.0.log.txt
    • Hardware-summary.txt
    • syslog.txt
    • partman.txt

    Does someone have a solution to this problem? What file do you need? Thanks

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    Found the solution for this problem yet?

    I had the same issue for a few days where it didn't want to install on an external HDD.
    I found the solution on these pages:

    Hope it helps.
    And Happy New Year!

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    No I haven't found any solution yet. I've tried the method given in the first link already, but the installation failed every time with an error like "No space left on the disk", while there is still a lot of space available... I will try the other link when I have time and I will tell you what is the outcome.

    Thank you and happy New year

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    I've also been trying to find another way to make an installation without doing the steps mentioned in the links there. And what I've found is that taking the time to make the different partitions manually using a partition software gives me no error when installing the grub thing. Only thing that I set during the installation is the root for the biggest partition.

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