I have problem with capture in kali linux 2019.3 2019.4
When i run airodump-ng i see only "not asociated" station and 0 data packet in my home wifi
i use android and laptop device conecten, and internet normaly work.
i try 4 laptop with diferent card Broadcom bcm4318, 4311 (probobly), one fuitsu (in kali driver atheros h5k) and one atheros (same driver h5k bud diferent card)
in all laptop internet normal works, monitor mode enable, and test packet injection its pass but 0 data captuere and see only "no asociated" information.

I download batrack 5 and 5r3, and in all airodump-ng work normal
I can see asociated client wep, wpa, wpa2 cant inject etc. everyting work great.

if somebody have this problem please tell what doing

I spend 2 days i dont any idea
meaby tumorrow i try this in debian not kali.

Sory for my english.