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Thread: Hard Install on USB screwed with my laptop's swap

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    Question Hard Install on USB screwed with my laptop's swap


    I wanted to have Kali on a stick.
    First I did live install with persistent storage. But it didn't feel right since it seems that I can't update anything, can't install package (unless installed in the persistent storage), can't update system, apt-get upgrade down the bin.
    Was there something I could have done differently for this method ?

    The next try was to install on a stick, not live but full install on a pendrive. I have 2 usbs, 1 for the iso, one to receive the install.
    But then something went wrong when partitionning the pendrive, it meddled with my laptop's hard drive swap partition.
    Why is that?
    Does anyone have any idea ?

    Thanks for feedback.


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    What's your processor base? & which image did you download? Mine is x64 based processor but i accidentally downloaded the i386 version but however i managed to boot but the fact is i don't see my hard disk partitions in the setup menu. Fact is iam running a windows 10 home at the same time it works fine.

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    it's x64 and the iso is for the x64 ... what happens is, during the install process (just noticed how exactly the same as when installing debian), at the partitionning phase, although I only set up the partitions on the usb stick, the installation wizard wants to modify the swap partition of my main ssd for my linux partition on my computer.

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