Hello all,
This is my first time posting a question. Ill try to be as concise as possible. At my home lab I am building a script to semi-automate the wep crack process. everything is running smooth. At the end of the script, a new terminator window is opened and aircrack-ng is started with the .cap file. It will run at first, with something like say 75 IVs then give the message "Failed. Next try with 5000 IVs". The problem comes after this. Aircrack-ng doesnt reread the file and start again. I have to manually quit and start a new crack for it to try agian. Am I missing something? Thank you all for the help and God bless!

P.S. I have tried this outside the script (as a stand alone, manually initiated process) and it still will not reread the .cap file and resume cracking.