Hello, I've been using Kali Since 2015, I prefer to use Boot Mod instead of Vbox in Windows because of Gitlab, Enviromental area and performance.

I Purchased New Laptop

RTX2060 - 32GB ram i7-9x and 144hz 4k 17 inch monitor.

Computer was working good with 2019.2-3 Gnome with External monitors (Also Notebook has Two Mini HDMI and 1 HDMI)

When I update it, Main Screen Gone. I was Thinking the problem caused by Upgrade, Then I insert New SSD and I installed Fresh Kali 2019.4. Also I installed Nvidia 430x driver
First of all Nvidia-setting was not working after all installation. Then i setup Xrandr-x11 configuration.

when Nvidia Driver seems working. just External Monitors are working. When i use Nouveau just internal notebook screen working. It was not like this at old version of kali. I didn't solve problem. Is there any one has idea? or experience about this problem? Also Notebook has integrated Intel UHD. And Before 2019.4 I catched an another problem which Youtube 8K videos were freezeing and GPU fans of NVidia were not working properly but Monitors were working all.. This was not a big problems. At windows. Gpu was working and fans were working automaticly. However in Kali although Nvidia Driver seems working, Theoricaly was not because of no temperature or fans were changing. and 8k videos were not playing correctly.

I've no idea I love to use Kali but with Last upgrade. I'm little bit upset even new Xfce and undercover is really amazing, I can not use OS correctly for me

I will happy if someone share their Experience