My Acer Apsire A515-54 pre-installed with Windows 10 and I'm attempting to dual boot Kali.
During installation the wizard refuses to detect my NVMe SSD, only showing my PNY-USB with Live ISO.


>Following advice from a reddit post I tried to install EasyBCD - which lead me to some documentation.
which didn't really help since I can't install GRUB or Kali (since it won't detect my SSD)
>At which point I figured I'd check my BIOS version to maybe allow a different boot mode (such as legacy)
Which didn't really change anything
>Following another redditor's dilemma to enable AHCI during booting I found a pretty neat trick to enable AHCI sata drivers by booting into safemode.
squashed again, Kali still won't detect the SSD

So I'm here now, wondering if I should reinstall windows... or wipe my drive and install Kali then use GPart to install windows... or just run in a VM like everyone else.