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Thread: VM ifconfig not showing all interfaces

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    Question VM ifconfig not showing all interfaces

    I am running MacOS (OSX) and have a VM running Kali Linux but when I run ifconfig, their two respective network interface lists are very different, additionally the VM instance's list is very short while the host machine shows many interfaces (10+). The VM instance is definitely connected to the internet as using the browser works fine.

    Why is the VM instance of Kali not recognizing all network interfaces?

    Note: I am using VirtualBox for the Kali VM and for networking I have the Bridged Adapter setting enabled because I read it should enable direct access to the host's network.

    VM ifconfig:

    Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 1.06.26 AM.jpg

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    It's all virtual, even the interfaces. You get one virtualized interface, and you can see that in lspci. VMware/VirtualBox choose the best interface for internet and does NAT by default.

    If you want to attach more interfaces, you'll have to go to the network editor and create more 'vmnet' interface that you bridge to real interfaces. I don't know the equivalent with VirtualBox, it hasn't worked well for my usage and always let me down when I gave it a chance.

    Bridge gets you direct access to the network. NAT is kinda like behind a firewall. Unless you want access directly to specific network interfaces, NAT is just fine.

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