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Thread: Xfce after lock screen or logout session freezes (Blue screen)

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    Xfce after lock screen or logout session freezes (Blue screen)

    I have been using Kali Linux for a while now and i love it especially the new Xfce desktop.
    I have noticed that each time I logout or lock my screen or just put my laptop to sleep I just get a blue screen and i can't log back to my session but i still can log into another session (using root credentials ) but when I try to log back using the session that got frozen and get prompted back to the same blue screen.
    I have looked for any fixes and tried (apt-get full-upgrade , apt-get dist-upgrade, reinstalling xfce...).
    Any solution would be appreciated if not,
    Should I post this in Kali Bug Tracker?

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    Yes you should do that i dont think you get any luck here i honestly can't help you because you have already tried everything i was about to tell you to do, so please do inform the administration!

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