How I was able to Install Nethunter On Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NU)

Download Odin and autoroot by chainfire for model Sm-T560NU. Download SuperSU, BusyBox, Root explorer, Twrp, Flashify, and Clockworkmod. Because I had to make this up as I went for my device I downloaded the oneplus1- marshmallow and the nexus 10-lolipop torrent . As well as On the I download the the light armhf.img.xz.torrent. So this is starting to look like I am Trolling but I used what I could and let linux solve how to make it fit and run like It was custom tailored for my tablet. So Install everything other then odin and the autoroot on a sd card. extract the supersu the busy box. Go into the bootloader install the auto root. When device comes open the supersu then to busybox-install to system/xbin. Next open the chroot manager and let it tell you no anhd that you are missing the terminal chroot and path . Open terminal grant su. Now open twrp download recovery img. flash it to recovery. Dont use the twrp to boot into recovery or the device's keys. I tried over and over couldnt get it to work. Causing me to start over and and flash fresh firmware. I set my sd card up As sd/Rom/nethunter/ I extracted the 2 differnt torrent builds here and made an app folder . I took the kali tar.xz that is in it and made a local folder in data file that was extracted. lastly i used flashify too flash 2 builds And rebooted using clockwork mod into recovery. I Realize how dumb this all appears but I thought Id share cause My Nethunter works. All the extra steps is for the chroot to be installed none of the links or moving files worked plus it will install all the apps for you as well . maybe some of these backass ways will help install chroot for some