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Thread: Problems with DualBoot after New Win10 Install

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    Problems with DualBoot after New Win10 Install

    Sorry if this isn't posted in the right section. I'll do my best to be as detailed as possible in hopes of your help troubleshooting my issues.

    Was previously running Win7 on my secondary hard drive, which I repartitioned for Kali Linux dual boot. Everything worked out great and had no iasues...until... Not thinking, I created another partition on this same hard drive and did a fresh install of windows 10. After my Win10 install, I lost my grub dual boot selection screen and now will only boot into Win10 boot loader, where I'm given the option of booting into Windows 7 or Windows 10...

    So it seems I've lost the Grub boot loader? Any help is appreciated. I apologize if this was already covered in another thread - I did some searching and didn't come across anything that matched my situation exactly. Thanks

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    Can you still boot to Kali linux from your BIOS?

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