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Thread: No Titlebars - Raspberry Pi 4 - 2019.4

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    Question No Titlebars - Raspberry Pi 4 - 2019.4


    I'm completely new to Kali, and already have a problem I can't find a solution for:
    After downloading the latest img for Raspberry Pi 4 (Version 2019.4, tried both - 32 & 64Bit), using Etcher to write it on SD, and booting it on my Raspberry Pi, all of my windows have no window frame.
    I do see the minimize, maximize and close buttons, but no titlebar.
    And the startmenu button doesn't have an Icon.

    I also tried the 2019.3 build - no problems here with gnome, but after upgrading, it's the same story.
    Am I missing something?

    Thank you very much for any help!
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