I am running Kali and the mail client Evolution :

~$ lsb_release -a
> No LSB modules are available.
> Distributor ID: Kali
> Description: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
> Release: 2020.1
> Codename: kali-rolling

1.) I have two issues with the Evolution mail client (evolution/kali-rolling,now 3.34.1-2+b1 amd64):
> most of the menu items are grayed out, whereas it only handles on the font color, as I can click on them and use their functionalities
> mouse scrolling is impossible in the editor mail list view (no scrollbar, middle button of the mouse does not work, where it is OK in the other applications

2.) One remaining question is : did some of you know a good free alternative of Evolution to access Office 365 mails, calendar and contacts ?

Can you help me please ?