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Thread: Nethunter Admin Tools

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    Nethunter Admin Tools

    Hello I'm new to the thread and had a good idea for the nethunter system, any way we could add some basic admin tools kinda like the pwn phone by pwnie express, apps like reset nethunter, one click app for update, and a app for dumping data to USB drive, I'm not much of a coder but do think this would be a good idea to implement

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    Awesome idea. Thanks heaps.
    I'll add it to the roadmap for 2020.2.

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    Like I know there's a update thing in the nethunter app its self but as fast I can tell it only updates the Kali chroot environment.. but maybe for the update app can find a way to fetch the latest nethunter system from off-sec and install it automatically, also quick question I'm sure this isn't the right place but for some reason I can't vnc into nethunter by desktop only though the nethunter device itself there must be some firewall in place or something that I need to tweek, idk but it did work for me on the previous releases.

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    It'll probably save the hasel too from reinstalling Android and flashing the nethunter system on top in between releases

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