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Thread: Kali arm on rpi 4b: autlogin don't work!

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    Kali arm on rpi 4b: autlogin don't work!

    Hi, sorry for my bad english.
    I would to use kali on rpi 4b with autologin method, configuring lightdm.conf and lightdm-autologin files like explaining in this link (watch step 8) " ... x-0176182/ " but autologin don't work becouse Kali return to login page after reboot.
    Can someone to help me, please?

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    Sorry for my bad english.
    This link " ... x-0176182/ " is a guide to set up a headless Rpi hackin platform running kali linux and it' s good for Kali Linux arm 19.4 on Rpi 4b.
    The guide show to step 8 how configure the autologin of kali. It show a picture of the "lightdm.config", too. Well, we must change n. 4 line into ligthdm.config and not only n.2 (the other n.2 line are after [seat*])

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