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Thread: [wifi adapter] Is only device itself responsible for signal quality or driver also?

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    [wifi adapter] Is only device itself responsible for signal quality or driver also?


    because I need a wifi adapter that is able to make a convenient internet connection out of a poor wifi signal through walls and disrupted
    by a huge number of other wireless networks in every direction, I think I should get one of ALFAs products. Actually I was trying to get an
    used AWUS036NHA somewhere. Then suddenly there was a chance to get this AWUS1900 for 25?, but I needed do deside within
    minutes. Because I use Arch Linux, I checked ALFA's homepage. It says Linux is supported, alright. This one might be able to transceive
    as well as the NHA, according to peoples reviews at least, maybe even better and also has a very up-to-date chipset and modern
    features. So I took the chance as long as it was still there. It's on its way now.

    You most probably know what I found out next....
    1st: There is no official driver for Linux existing -neither an ALFA nor Realtek.
    2nd: People have huge problems use this adapter with the unofficial drivers in Linux systems.
    3rd: Some seem to were able to make it work.


    But, what about the in all these reviews so highly praised abilities of receiving the poorest signals from so far away? How do hardware
    (+firmware) correlate to its driver relating to signal quality? Is it like, if you made it work, it works and reception abilities depend only on
    hardware? I mean, is it correct that the received signal is processed to data in the device, maybe well or maybe not that well, but after
    the data is given to the computers software, the quality will neither be improved nor get worse? Or does the software part, the driver,
    also play an important rule in making a stable wifi connection? In other words, do I have to expect, not to be able to get this great result
    I hoped to get because of all the reviews of Windows users, who official drivers are developed for?

    Do unofficial drivers for Linux produce exact the same result according to signal quality/stability, as long as it works at all?

    If it might somebody not be clear why I'm asking... If the drivers role in realising a wifi connection is nothing else than make the system
    be able to read and understand the data coming in from the adapter or respectively not to be able to, then there is no reason to worry
    about not to get use of AWUS1900s abilities, no reason to create test methods, to find out about this and working on a solution that could
    also be completely impossible.... It would be nice, I really hope you tell me, that it is the case, that the driver either works, which means I
    the connection is as good as if I would use a Windows system.... or... the driver doesn't work, which means, there is no connection to an
    access point up at all -maybe not even in between the system and the wifi adapter.

    Thank you a lot!
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