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Thread: partitioning of encrypted LVM is failing (because of grub ?)

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    partitioning of encrypted LVM is failing (because of grub ?)

    Hello - here is IBM Thinkpad R52 with 32 Bit - and I decided for encrypted LVM installation of Kali.
    With mode encrypted LVM automatically for entire harddisk (with 60GB).

    It is hanging itself up at rate of 80 percent, when partitions should be created and written (after encryption).
    Apparently this is an grub error, because Kali does not know, where /boot is (/boot is encrypted).
    Should /boot be outside of encrypted partition ?!

    Not sure if there is "input overrun" like in current BlackArch distro.

    (I love my monster password !!!)

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    Just a hint ...

    When testing Xubuntu 18.04.3 LTS then there encrypted LVM with encryption of total harddisk
    is no problem. Partition /boot with grub2 is there inside the encrypted volume and it works there.

    It is meant only as hint. Kali and BlackArch could then check the sources then.

    (I dont want to change to Ubuntu-derivatives.)

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