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Thread: Kali 2020.1 Install Issues

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    Kali 2020.1 Install Issues

    Hi there Friends,
    My name is Max and i am trying to make a clean install in one of my Hdd partitions, but never had so many issues as today to achieve the goal!!!
    I begin to download the 64bit Installer from official website, and flash it in DD mode with Rufus 3.8 (i also flash a stick with etcher), then boot my laptop and try to happily begin the installation process....`till....the first issue comes to me: iwlwifi-7265d-22 to 29.ucode are missing....ok...abort installation and search for those wwifi card drivers...well it was easy and i found the newest version xxxx-xxxxD-29.ucode get another stick and paste de ucode file on it....then reboot again to start installing....when the message appears i mark the yes option but nothing happens, do not appears any dialog box to select the media where i paste de file nothing, just after a few seconds takes me to the previous screen where only shows the missing files...ok....i decide to jump that...thinking that i can install after...the installation continues normally until appears me a new screen tellng me about mirror selection if i am using netinst CD, i mark no, and continues to finaly get the Software selection screen(right after the basic installation), but here appears me not all the options that kali documentation shows, it only appears me xfce, default tools, and nothing more.....where is the gnome option, the kde option, the coplete tools suite...nothing....i dont know what am i doing wrong, because i try this at least 5 times trying to get a record of changes and options that i choose....Pleas can somebody help???
    Thaks in advance!

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    Hey there...
    Did you find any answers yet? Because I found another thread here but despite of being more than one participant ( ), the solution is still in a ''stand-by" mode yet... So?

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    Select software and installation error


    i am too facing the installation error after select software and install phase. It took lot of my time after that it failed. Please, Please someone help on how and what to do to complete the installation

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